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Custom Software Development

Finding someone who can build software for you or your company from the ground up can be pretty difficult. Of course, the hardest part is usually in finding the right company.

To make your life easier, we’ve found a wonderful company who can do the job for you, and then go above and beyond the call of duty. This company, Kopis, is among the best in the industry. They were named one of the 20 most promising .NET Development Solution Providers in the nation. It’s a small company, based in the South East. Though they are not one of the largest, they have built an incredible team who are committed to ensuring you get exactly what you want and need in order to maximize efficiency for your business.


“Small firms are better communicators and know their customers better.” Fortune.com

When working with some of the larger companies, you often wind up feeling as though you’re just another number rather than a company with its own goals and aspirations. And that’s because, unless you’re also a large corporation, that does tend to be the case. With so many accounts to handle, larger software companies have a more difficult time creating a relationship.

That doesn’t necessarily mean larger companies will do a worse job; it just means you may have a more difficult time getting your point across as to what exactly it is you’re looking for.

With smaller companies, such as Kopis, you’ll be in direct contact with some of the higher-ups in the company which gives you more power and say throughout your entire interaction.


Kopis is certain to do whatever it takes to make each individual client happy. With over 15 years under their belt, they understand what it takes to satisfy and delight customers and they execute that with each project. On top of giving you what you’re looking for, Kopis is also very good about then going above the call of duty by creating new innovative concepts for you to consider that may be of great help to you in return.

As a small company, Kopis also has the advantage of taking the time to assess and solve complicated problems with simple and innovative solutions. They believe that as a general rule of thumb, simplicity is key.

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