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Fantastic Florist

If you’re looking for a great florist, we have exactly the right folks for you, no matter your needs! This lovely company has a great team, making up the most skilled florist in Greenville, SC. They serve all of their customers with just the right amount of southern charm and professionalism.

Whether you’re looking for flowers for an event of special occasion, or you’re just ready to decorate your home and give it the liveliness it deserves, Twigs will get the job done right. They are truly experts in this field and have both the best assortment and vision in order to give you something beautifully unique to you.


In addition to their wonderful floral arrangements, they also have a gorgeous wedding venue. This venue is well sought-after, and when you see it, you quickly understand why. The venue has a beautiful garden, (would you expect anything less?), and a stunning gazebo that will give your special day a natural, elegant feel. Near the gazebo is also a terrace that seats over 250 guests. All of which is wildly charming and romantic. In addition to all of this, you’ll have everything you need for you big day, including catering! Twigs does everything they can to make your experience not just beautiful, but also as simple as possible.


If you’re looking for inspiration, Twig’s home and garden store will surely do the trick.¬†From wreaths to candles, they have something to set the mood off right. There’s no better place to visit to create the best atmosphere for your needs. To get to shopping, check out their Home store online!

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